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Deeznutz 666

I never once was like you,
Wholesom God loving pure and true,
The dark side always beckoned me,
Why could'nt you all just let me be,
Now im something you all fear,
Nausferatus el vamp'er'e,
I drink your blood,
To live i must feed,
Your blood has everything I need,
I take your lives without a thought,
For that is all that ive bin taught,
Bitch of the devil thats whats said,
I hear you say it and you'll be dead,
I'll drain your blood you must decide,
"Do you want to Live or Die",
Your answer will determin your fate,
But please mear mortal dont make me wait,
Your answers "NO" and you will die,
And all your relatives will cry,
If "YES" your answer is to be then you'll be,
Vamp'er'e just like me doomed to darkness for eternaty,
Untill a steak will set you free... V~~~~V

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